The OFCCP or Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs to give it its full name is an office within the Department of labor with specific duties. Apart from the government being the country’s largest employer, it also hires many businesses to carry out specific tasks but in order for any business to be hired by the government, the business must comply with any government rules and regulations. If any business, therefore, wants a government contract it must ensure that it is eligible and afforded the labeling of being an OFCCP compliance business.

The government does, of course, have a lot of work it needs to contract out to both large and small businesses, such as infrastructure developments or smaller tasks like government property cleaning or maintenance and all of the businesses the government contracts to accomplish these tasks hires their own employees. One of the OFCCP’s tasks, therefore, is to see that all of these businesses maintain policies of nondiscrimination when advertising existing vacancies and also in the hiring of new employees.

Although the OFCCP’s primary role is to ensure compliance by businesses, as part of the Department of Labor it also has an interest in unemployment figures and an obligation to, where ever possible, keeps these figures as low as possible. Fortunately, the office is in a unique position to assist in this secondary task as businesses throughout the country, in order to remain compliant, inform the office of any new employment vacancies they have. To assist in keeping unemployment figures down, the office produces lists of these vacancies and in order to best help the unemployed, publish them as local listings throughout the country.

The local listings of available job vacancies produced by the OFCCP can undoubtedly be of great assistance to anyone finding themselves unemployed and looking for new work but unfortunately, too few people know of their existence for them to be fully utilized or utilized to their full potential. The OFCCP also helps the unemployed in other ways and one of those ways is by publishing advice on several topics which are of particular interest to the unemployed but once again, this advice is little known about and so does not meet its full potential.

Some of the advice published by the OFCCP and intended for the unemployed deals with finances and how best to manage them when unemployed. Unsurprisingly the office recommends being frugal during these periods but perhaps surprisingly it also suggests taking out a loan. This is surprising as taking out a loan would also mean repaying it and so whilst that may seem inappropriate, the office does expand explaining that a loan should only be taken out once employment has been found and should only be for an amount necessary to make them financially self-sufficient until their first payday.

Whether you agree with all the advice the OFCCP offers or not, it is still encouraging to know that at least one official body is thinking of you and trying to help as you go through a difficult time.